TextBehind® Service Delivery Terms: 

It is important to understand that every correctional facility is regulated by a certain set of internal rules that are subject to change at any time. All non-privileged inmate mail (general mail from family and friends) is subject to review and approval by the correctional facility mailroom staff before distribution to the inmate(s). TextBehind® Service cannot deliver any communication to the inmates directly. Therefore, delivery confirmation to the inmate and guarantee does not apply. TextBehind® Service prints and ships all letters every 24 hours using various shipping methods as described in Help Center >> section  6.1 - letter shipping & delivery. By this point, the Service Delivery by TextBehind, Inc. is deemed complete. Delivery of the communication contents to the inmate is completed only by the prison mailroom staff and it's not guaranteed by TextBehind®. We do not control or influence USPS®, FedEx, or prison mailroom staff in doing anything different than their standard process which we may not be aware of depending on each correctional facility's rules. Content types that will likely cause rejection of your correspondence to the inmate are as follows but are not limited to:

Nudity, weapons, gang affiliation signs/gestures, threats, alcohol, illegal activity, abuse, drugs, credit card numbers, betting information, or any items that are considered non-permissible according to the internal rules of the applicable institution. If the institution is accepting basic 6x4 postcards only and rejects all standard mail. If the institution is accepting e
lectronic email messages via the kiosks and tablets only. Once the letter is processed and shipped by TextBehind, the service is deemed complete and becomes non-refundable and irreversible. 

For more information please go to https://family.textbehind.com/legal